Interactive Cologne 2014

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Interactive Cologne

Hack Tech Biz Creativity

19 – 25 May, 2014 in Cologne, Germany

INTERACTIVE COLOGNE goes to the next round! After the successful start with 3,000 participants last year, the festival is to be continued in May 2014.

INTERACTIVE COLOGNE is a festival that reflects the trends and currents of the digital world from apps to Bitcoin, from corporate innovation to disruptive engineering and gives everybody, from the developer by way of the corporate CEO to the simple internet user an exciting insight into the work and visions in the fields of technology, and the creative and internet economy.

The basic idea and the vision of the moving spirits behind IC - the novel combination of digital, internet, media and creative industries - is also reflected in the priorities of the IC Conference. The selective cooperation with partners and experts from a variety of industries gives participants diverse insights and perspectives into those matters around which the digital world revolves in both the economic and the social senses of the word. In a creative atmosphere participants are encouraged to share, learn from each other, experiment, gather inspiration for their own projects and make new business contacts.

The conference offers a comprehensive program for designers, thinkers, developers, startups and investors - combined with workshops, coaching, meetups, networking and a "Hackathon". An extensive, satellite and entertainment programme makes up one week brimming with digital and analogue encounters and experiences of a very special kind.



More details on INTERACTIVE COLOGNE 2013 here!

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